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Education Overview


Music Alive has developed three completely different shows suitable for nursery, KS 1, 2 and 3. Each show has a different theme and contains different sets of instrument covering areas of the National Curriculum in Music, History, Geography and Science.

Music Alive 1 'Meet the Brass...!' An interactive and fun experience to introduce the audience to the exciting world of the Brass Family and all it's instruments...
Music Alive 2 'A journey through time and space…!' Traces the history of many instruments, their origins and their practical uses throughout time - told in stories. Also, which composers got inspired to use and develop various instruments from medieval times to present day to make their music.
Music Alive 3 ' Around the world in 8 steps….' A very intriguing journey around the world,where our brave musicians come face to face with weird and exotic instruments used by people such as African Chiefs and Nepalese Monks and dare to find out what they were used for….

This experience can be enhanced by our workshop day where the children become the star of the show…

A Workshop Day

A Music Alive workshop day takes the momentum from a morning performance of concert 1 or 2 and brings it into the classroom by way of a workshop that ends up as an original composition. Typically, most of the school would be included in hour sessions as the group divides off to accommodate the needs of the school. The day will culminate in a special performance, where each class or year group will perform their own compositions to each other alongside the Music Alive musicians.

Workshops can be based on current projects that the school is working on ie. The Tudors, the Egyptians, anti-bullying or healthy eating. Or, can be based on themes such as Mexican Salsa, African Drumming, Brazilian Samba, Jazz/Blues or Tango.

The workshop day is very inclusive and is a really hands-on experience for every child involved. It is a special opportunity for children to see how music is conceived, developed and then performed alongside professionals.

If you would like to know more then feel free to contact us on our contact page.



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